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Athletic Physical Information Sheet

Dear Parent/Guardian:


A student must have a yearly athletic physical on file at school in order to participate in a school sport.  Physical forms must be completed online.  You no longer pick up a physical from at school or a Doctor’s office.  IF YOUR CHILD RETURNS A PHYSCAL FORM NOT COMPLETED PROPERLY, IT WILL BE RETURNED AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  You MUST follow the attached step-by-step instructions.  ***If you completed the online form last year for your child, this year should be much easier.  You will log on and update your child’s information.


Holzer Health System is offering a FREE athletic physical on MAY 12, 2018 at 7AM.  In order to take advantage of his free physical, you need to register online to complete the Health History Questionnaire, join the 2018-2019 team for the school year, and then print the forms.  PLEASE SEE THE STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION BELOW.   ***The printed & signed physical forms need to be returned to your child’s school NO LATER THAN MAY 4TH.  A pre-physical (height, weight, blood pressure & pulse) will be given at school on MAY 8th AT GAMS & MAY 9TH AT GAHS.  YOUR CHILD CANNOT RECEIVE A FREE PHYSICAL AT HOLZER WITHOUT GETTING A PRE-PHYSICAL AT SCHOOL.  NO PRE-PHYSICAL AT SCHOOL—MEANS NO FREE PHYSICAL AT HOLZER.


If you child is getting a physical on his/her own, a parent still needs to complete the information on-line, print the forms and take it to your child’s physician.  It is your choice to get the free physical at Holzer or get a physical on your own.


If you do not have access to a computer or printer or if you are needing assistance with the whole process, YOU NEED TO CALL (740) 446-3250 OR (740) 446-3212 AT THE HIGH SCHOOL AND SPEAK WITH THE SCHOOL NURSE.  DO NOT CALL THE MIDDLE SCHOOL.  THE NUSE CAN ANSWER QUESTIONS OR SET UP A TIME FOR YOU TO COME TO THE SCHOOL TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE FORM.






Welcome to Privit Profile,


This document provides instructions to complete the athletic forms.  The information can be completed on your mobile device, laptop, tablet or any device connected to the internet.


Steps to complete the athletic forms within Privit Profile.


  1. Register with one parent’s name here: galliaacademybluedevils-oh.e-ppe.com


  1. Add athlete(s) to your account by selecting Add Member.


  1. Join Appropriate Team(s)


  1. Complete all necessary athletic forms


  • Personal Details (Complete to 100%)
  • E-PPE Questionnaire (Complete 100%) Please update information if it is indicating 100% complete
  • Print and Sign Forms



[ ! ] Once the required information has been completed, the documents will need to be handed in to the appropriate staff member for review and approval.


If you need assistance with Privit Profile, please contact the Help Center at 844-234-4357 or visit www.support.privit.com.


For detailed instructions for each step listed above, please refer to pages below.


Step 1: Register an account in the parent name:

As a parent/guardian, you will register an account, then add your student to the account and complete only their information.  Start creating your account by selecting or enter the link:

http://galliaacademybluedevils-oh.e-pp.com then follow the steps below.


NOTE: If you’ve created an account from a previous year, use the same email address and password to Log-in.


  1. From the landing page, click Register.
  2. Please register with your name as a parent, your email address, and create a password of your choice.  When you are finished, click Sigh-up.  (If you have multiple family members or if you have already registered yourself, you do not need to register again.


Step 2: Add athlete(s) to your account:

  1. On the Home page, click the Add Member button on the left side of the page.  (This allows you to add your student/athlete to your account.  You can add as many additional family member as necessary.)
  • Click Add Member on the left side of the page.
  • Enter your athlete’s first name (and last name if different), date of birth, and gender.
  • Ignore Enable Login and then click Add Member.  You will now see your athlete’s name listed on the home page.


Step 3: Join Team(s):

  1. After completing the forms, you must join a team.  To join a team, click Update next to Joined Teams, and check the box next to the appropriate team(s) and click Done at the bottom of the page when finished.


Step 4: Complete or Update the Personal Details section for the athlete:

  1. Click on your athlete’s Name.  Then begin completing the Personal Details by clicking the Start button to the right of Personal Details.
  2. Complete or update each section of the Personal Details section to 100% and click Save and Exit.


IMPORTANT: In order for the Personal Details to be 100% complete, you will need to answer all mandatory questions, marked with a red asterisk (*).


Step 5: Complete or Update the E-PPE Questionnaire sections for the athlete:

  1. Click Start or Update tab to the right of the form. Complete or update all the fields with a red asterisk (*).
  2. Once all fields are completed, click Submit.


Step 6: Printing Forms:

  1. If you have not done so already, you can print a copy of the OHSAA Physical Packet by clicking PRINT DOCUMENTS on the student’s Home page.
  2. Go in and print these form: OHSAA Approved Physical Packet and the OHSAA HIPPA authorization Forms.
  3. After you’ve printed each document, click Done at the bottom of the page. This will take you back to your student’s Home page.


Step 7: Signing Forms:

  1. Make sure all the forms are signed by the Parent/Guardian and the student athlete.
  2. Turn in all completed forms to the Athletic Director’s office or your student’s school nurse’s office.



[ ! ]  Once the required information has been completed, the documents will need to be handed in to the appropriate staff member for review and approval.



Please call Privit Help Desk at 1-844-234-4357 or contact the GAHS Athletic Department (Tracy Tackett) 740-446-3250 or School Nurse (Missy Whaley) 740-446-3212 with any questions.

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