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Roger D. Mace

This past school year has been an exciting time for the Gallipolis City School District.  For the first time in our history, the District earned an "Excellent" rating by the Ohio Department of Education.  This was due to the hard work and efforts of our staff and students.  I congratulate all of you on a job well done!

Since becoming Superintendent two years ago, I have initiated several changes within the District and, with the help of all involved, have kept communication, collaboration, and community in the forefront.  We focused on curriculum, analyzing data, personnel, educational programs, and research-based interventions.  All of these components are crucial in allowing students to be successful educationally.

As a result of the hard work and dedication of the entire staff, we have seen commendable educational accomplishments this past school year.  Green Elementary was rated "Excellent with Distinction" and was honored as "A School of Promise" and "A School of Honor".  Rio Grande Elementary received its first rating of "Excellent with Distinction".  Gallia Academy High School received an "Excellent" rating, and Washington Elementary received its first "Excellent" rating.  Gallia Academy Middle School made improvements and received an "Effective" rating.  With all of the changes in curriculum, instruction, and personnel, we are making educational gains.  As we all know, it is the instruction students receive from the teaching staff that allows them to be successful.  A "thank you" must be given to our staff.

Educating students today is so much different than five years ago.  The Ohio Department of Education has incorporated and mandated many new changes within the educational profession.  These new initiatives focus on curriculum, instruction, assessments, and the evaluation of the teaching staff.  In addition, there is an increased focus on holding teachers and students accountable for their academic growth and success.  We, as educators, may not agree with all of these changes that are occurring so quickly, but we must be prepared to meet the "New Level of Expectations" being placed upon us.  As the educational leader of this "Excellent" District, I believe we need to be proactive and not reactive.

As we begin the 2013-2014 school year, we, as a district, have many changes and challenges before us.  We will provide all students with a well-rounded education that will allow each one to be competitive and college-and-career ready.  We will continue to work on achieving the highest letter grade rating possible for the District, provide excellent customer service, and increase communication with the community.

"This District has so much to offer and is a great community (within itself)."