Superintendent's Message

Roger Mace

A Message from the Superintendent:

This past school year has been a time for change within the school district.  One that has brought new learning standard requirements, new assessments to evaluate student learning and new accountability systems for teachers and school districts.  We have embraced these challenges and are making changes to ensure our students are challenged and receive every educational opportunity available to them.  While making these changes we are keeping these three key elements in the forefront: communication, collaboration, and community.

We have been and will keep focusing on curriculum, analyzing student data, personnel, educational programs, and research-based interventions.  All are components that play a major role in student success.  Each year, we continue to evaluate how we as a staff, team and community are doing to ensure our students are competitive with other students in other districts and are challenged and prepared for future jobs.  Research shows that 60% of the jobs for which we are preparing our students at this time do not even exist.  Keeping this in mind, we are being creative and innovative while making changes in the way we instruct and disseminate educational material to our students.

After reviewing and analyzing the Ohio School Report Card results, we are pleased with the progress that we are making at the elementary level and understand the need to improve the scores in math at the middle school.  We are focusing on math throughout the school district, and we have added some programs and interventions to address these weaknesses.  Our scores reflect growth in the category of Progress, and we have shown an increase in Achievement.  We take these results seriously, and we use these results as ONE measure of how our students and staff are performing when compared to the State average.

As we all know, the Ohio Department of Education continues to set mandates on all school districts and we have to adhere to these mandates even if we do not agree with the process, procedures, and the intent behind them.  We (educators) understand that several of these programs and additions are ones that are considered ‘unfunded mandates’, and ones we still have to implement because of the statues and laws that govern these changes.  We will continue to be a school district that is prepared and ONE that is proactive and not reactive.  We will greet and welcome the changes, and we WILL be a school district that continues to strive to IMPROVE and be competitive in this fast changing educational reform.

We will provide all students with a well-rounded education that will allow each student to be college and career ready.  We will continue to work on achieving the highest letter grade rating possible in all categories on the Ohio School Report Card while providing excellent customer service, taking ownership for all learning, and being held accountable for the educational package we continue to provide to all students in the Gallipolis City School District.

Our staff is committed and dedicated to the education and future of ALL students, and they need to be commended on their educational accomplishments.

As I have said before, “This school district has so much to offer and is a great community within itself.”


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