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Mr. Donley


On behalf of the staff at Gallia Academy High School, I’d like to welcome back our students for this school year.  The last couple of years have presented challenges for our school, our students, and our staff as we continually look to evolve and find ways to educate and support parents and students during the pandemic.  This year will see our building back to a normal capacity and our staff is excited to see all of our students in person.  If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s that in-person learning is better for a child’s growth and development and it is needed to support not only the academic progress but also the social growth that every person needs.  It takes a village to do this the right way!

Our teachers have done an amazing job of balancing in-person and online learning to this point, but now are very excited to see the students that they are expected to educate.  Although we cannot control many of the circumstances around us, we look forward to the future and are encouraged by the potential and enthusiasm of our young people.  As always, we will continue to find ways to promote and develop our students in the classroom, athletics, music, and the arts.  We will continue to move forward and find a way to become the best version of who we can be!



Josh Donley


Gallia Academy High School