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Section B - School Board Governance & Operations

BA, Board Operation Goals
BB, School Board Legal Status
BBA, School Board Powers and Duties
BBAA, Board Member Authority
BBB, School Board Elections
BBBA, Board Member Qualifications
BBE, Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BBF, School Board Member Ethics
BBF-E, Board Member Code of Ethics
BBFA, Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCA, Board Organizational Meeting
BCB, Board Officers
BCC, Qualifications and Duties of the Treasurer
BCCA, Incapacity of Treasurer
BCCA-R (Regulations)
BCCB, Evaluation of Treasurer
BCCB-E (Sample Evaluation Form)
BCCC, Treasurer's Contract
BCD, Board-Superintendent Relationship
BCE, Board Committees
BCF, Advisory Committees to the Board
BCFA, Business Advisory Council to the Board
BCG, School Attorney
BCH, Consultants to the Board
BCJ, Special Information
BD, School Board Meetings
BDC, Executive Sessions
BDDA, Notification of Meetings
BDDB, Agenda Format
BDDB-E, Agenda Order of Business
BDDC, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BDDD, Quorum
BDDE, Rules of Order
BDDEB, Suspension of Rules of Order
BDDF, Voting Method
BDDF-E (5 Member Board)
BDDG, Minutes
BDDH, Public Participation at Board Meetings
BDDI, News Media Services at Board Meetings
BDDJ, Broadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings
BDDK, Reporting Board Meeting Business
BDE, Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings
BF, Board Policy Development
BFA, Policy Development System
BFB, Preliminary Development of Policies
BFB-E, Problem-Issue-Need Form
BFC, Policy Adoption
BFCA, Board Review of Regulations
BFD, Policy Dissemination
BFE, Administration in Policy Absence
BFF, Suspension of Policies
BFG, Policy Review and Evaluation
BG, Board-Staff Communications
BHA, New Board Member Orientation
BHBA, School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
BHC, Board Office Facilities and Services
BHD, Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BHE, Board Member Insurance
BI, School Board Legislative Program
BJ, School Board Memberships
BJA, Liaison with School Boards Associations
BK, Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures
BK-E (Self-evaluation Form)