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Section G - Personnel

GA, Personnel Policies' Goals
GBA, Equal Opportunity Employment
GBA-R, Affirmative Action
GBB, Staff Involvement in Decision Making
GBC, Staff Ethics/Personal Appearance
GBCA, Staff Conflict of Interest
GBCB, Staff Conduct

GBCC, Staff Dress and Grooming
GBD, Board-Staff Communications
GBE, Staff Health and Safety
GBE-R (Regulations)
GBG, Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBH, Staff-Student Relations
GBI, Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBIA, Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding
GBK, No Tobacco Use on District Property by Staff Members
GBL, Personnel Records
GBM, Staff Complaints and Grievances
GBN, Extended Group Health Coverage
GBO, Verification of Employment Eligibility
GBO-R (Regulations)
GBP, Drug-Free Workplace Act
GBQ, Criminal Background Check
GBQ-E, Waiver Form
GBR, Family and Medical Leave
GBR-R (Regulations)
GC, Professional Staff
GCA, Professional Staff Positions
GCB-1, Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans (Teachers)
GCB-2, Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans (Administrators)
GCB-2-R (Regulations)
GCB-3, Professional Licensure and Compensation
GCBA, Professional Staff Salary Schedules
GCBA-R, Teachers
GCBB, Professional Staff Supplemental Contracts
GCBC, Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBD, Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCBE, Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCC, Professional Staff Recruiting
GCD, Professional Staff Hiring
GCE, Part-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCF, Professional Staff Orientation
GCI, Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCJ, Professional Staff Time Schedules
GCKA, Professional Staff Extra Duty
GCL, Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCLA, Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences
GCLB-R (Regulations)
GCN-1, Evaluation of Teachers
GCN-1, Appendix A
GCN-1, Evaluation of Teachers (beginning with the 2021-22 school year)
GCN-2, Evaluation of Administrators
GCN-2-R (Regulations)
GCNA, Evaluation of School Counselors
GCPA, Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPA-R (Regulations)
GCPB, Resignation of Professional Staff Members
GCPC, Retirement of Professional Staff Members
GCPCA, Severance Pay
GCPCA-R, Retirement Severance Pay
GCPD, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
GCQAB, Tutoring For Pay
GDA, Classified Personnel Positions
GDB, Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GDBA, Classified Staff Salary Schedules
GDBB, Support Staff Pupil Activity Contracts
GDBB-R Classified Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
GDBC, Classified Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBD, Classified Staff Leaves and Absences
GDBE, Support Staff Vacations and Holidays
GDC/GDCA/GDD, Support Staff Recruiting/Postings/Hiring
GDE, Part-time, Temporary, and Substitute Classified Staff Employment
GDF, Classified Staff Orientation
GDG, Classified Staff Probation and Tenure
GDI, Classified Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDJ, Classified Staff Time Schedules
GDKB, Classified Staff Meetings
GDL, Classified Staff Development Opportunities
GDN, Evaluation of Classified Staff
GDN-R (Regulations)
GDPA, Reduction in Classified Staff Work Force
GDPB, Resignation of Classified Staff Members
GDPC, Retirement of Classified Staff Members
GDPD, Suspension, Demotion, and Termination of Support Staff Members
GDQ, Miscellaneous Classified Staff Policies