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Section I - Instruction

IA, Instructional Goals
IAA, Instructional Objectives
IB, Academic Freedom
IC/ICA, School Year/School Calendar
ID, School Day
IE, Organization of Facilities for Instruction
IF, Curriculum Development
IFB, Pilot Projects
IFD, Curriculum Adoption
IFE, Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
IGA, Basic Curricular Program
IGAB, Human Relations Education
IGAC, Teaching About Religion
IGAD, Career-Technical Education
IGAE, Health Education
IGAF, Physical Education
IGAG, Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education
IGAH/IGAI, Family Life Education/Sex Education
IGAJ, Driver Education
IGBA, Programs for Students with Disabilities
IGBA-R (Regulations)
IGBB, Programs for Students Who Are Gifted
IGBC, Programs for Disadvantaged Students
IGBE, Remedial Instruction
IGBEA, Reading Skills Assessments and Interventions
IGBEA-R (Regulations)
IGBEB, Dyslexia Intervention and Supports
IGBG, Home-bound Instruction
IGBH, Alternative School Programs
IGBI, English Learners
IGBJ, Title 1 Programs
IGBL, Parent and Family Involvement in Education
IGBM, Credit Flexibility
IGBM-R (Regulations)
IGCA, Summer Schools
IGCB, Innovative Education Programs
IGCD, Educational Options
IGCD-R (Regulations)
IGCD-R-2, Administrative Guidelines and Regulations for PE
IGCD-R-3, Certification of Prior Approval
IGCD-R-4, Instructional Plan for Independent Study/Mentor Program
IGCD-R-5, Instructional Objectives & Activities
IGCD-R-6, Activities Record/Time Log
IGCD-R-7, Certification of Completion
IGCF, Home Education
IGCG, Preschool Program
IGCH, College Credit Plus
IGCH-R (Regulations)
IGCH-E-1, Letter of Intent
IGCH-E-2, Contract
IGCK, Blended Learning
IGD, Cocurricular and Extracurricular Activities
IGD-R (Regulations)
IGDB, Student Publications
IGDC, Student Social Events
IGDD, Student Performances
IGDE, Student Activities Fees
IGDF, Student Fundraising Activities
IGDFA, Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding
IGDG, Student Activities Funds Management
IGDH, Contests for Students
IGDJ, Interscholastic Athletics
IGDJ-R, Rules of Athletic Participation
IGDJA, Drug Testing of Athletes
IGDJA-R (Regulations)
IGDJA-E, Informed Consent Agreement
IGDK, Interscholastic Extracurricular Eligibility
IGDK-R (Regulations)
IGE, Adult Education Programs
IGED, Adult Education Diploma
IGEE, Awarding of HS Diplomas to Veterans of War
IHA, Grouping for Instruction
IHB, Class Size
IHD, Student Schedules and Course Loads
IHG, Independent Study
IIA, Instructional Materials
IIAA, Textbook Selection and Adoption
IIAB, Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAC, Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAC-R (Regulations)
IIAC-E, Citizen's Request Form for Re-evaluation of Library Materials
IIB, Instructional Services
IIBA, Teacher Aides
IIBH, District Websites
IIC, Community Instructional Resources
IICA, Field Trips
IICA-R (Regulations)
IICAA, Educational Nonschool-sponsored Trips
IICAA-E-1, Student's Acknowledgement
IICAA-E-2, Teacher's Acknowledgement
IICC, School Volunteers
IJ, Guidance Program
IJA, Career Advising
IK, Academic Achievement
IKA, Grading Systems
IKAB, Student Progress Reports
IKAB-R (Regulations)
IKAD, Parent Conferences
IKB, Homework
IKE, Promotion and Retention of Students
IKE-R (Regulations)
IKE-E-1, Retention Warning Letter
IKE-E-2, Retention Worksheet
IKE-E-3, Parent Consent Form
IKEB, Acceleration
IKF, Graduation Requirements
IKF-R, Locally Defined Seals
IKFA, Early Graduation
IKFB, Graduation Exercises
IKFC, Graduation Plans for Students At Risk
IL, Testing Programs
IL-R, (Regulations)
IL-E-1, BTC Agreement Form
IL-E-2, TA Agreement Form
IM, Evaluation of Instructional Programs
INA, Teaching Methods
INB, Teaching About Controversial Issues
IND/INDA, School Ceremonies and Observances/Patriotic Exercises
ING, Animals in the Schools
ING-1, Service Dog Guidelines
ING-R (Regulations)