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Section J - Student

Last Updated: 12/20/2018 5:01 PM

JA, Student Policies Goals
JB, Equal Educational Opportunities
JC, School Attendance Areas
JEA, Compulsory Attendance Ages
JEB, Entrance Age
JEBA, Early Entrance to Kindergarten
JEC, School Admissions
JECAA, Admission of Homeless Students
JECAA-R, Enrollment Dispute Resolution Process
JECB, Admission of Nonresident Students
JECB-R (Regulations)
JECB-E-1, Power of Attorney
JECB-E-2, Caretaker Authorization Affidavit
JECBA, Admission of Exchange Students
JECBA-R (Regulations)
JECBB, Admission of Interdistrict Transfer Students
JECBB-R, Interdistrict Open Enrollment Guidelines
JECBB-E, Interdistrict Open Enrollment Transfer Request
JECBC, Admission of Students from Nonchartered or Home Schooling
JECBC-R (Regulations)
JECBD, Intradistrict Open Enrollment
JECBD-R, Intradistrict Open Enrollment Guidelines
JECBD-E, Intradistrict Open Enrollment Transfer Request
JECC, Assignment of Students to Schools
JECC-E, Intradistrict Open Enrollment Transfer Request
JECD, Assignment of Students to Classes
JECE, Student Withdrawal from School
JECF, Student Code of Conduct Violations
JED, Student Absences and Excuses
JED-R (Regulations)
JED-E-1, Letter to Parents
JED-E-2, Letter to Registrar and Juvenile Judge
JEDA, Truancy
JEDA-E, Letter to Parents
JEDB, Student Dismissal Precautions
JEE, Student Attendance Accounting
JEFB, Released Time for Religious Instruction
JEG, Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JEGA, Permanent Exclusion
JF, Student Rights and Responsibilities
JFA, Student Due Process Rights
JFB, Student Involvement in Decision Making
JFC, Student Conduct
JFCA, Student Dress Code
JFCC, Student Conduct on District Managed Transportation
JFCC-R (Regulations)
JFCEA, Gangs
JFCF, Hazing and Bullying
JFCF-R (Regulations)
JFCG, Tobacco Use by Students
JFCH/JFCI, Alcohol Use by Students/Student Drug Abuse
JFCIA, Prevention of Chemical Abuse
JFCIAA, Inpatient Treatment School Policy
JFCJ, Weapons in the Schools
JFCK, Use of Electronic Equipment by Students
JFD, Students of Legal Age
JFE, Student Pregnancy and Related Conditions
JFF, Married Students
JFG, Interrogations and Searches
JFG-R, Searches of Student Property by Police
JFH, Student Complaints and Grievances
JFH-R, Student Grievance Procedure
JFH-E, Level I Informal Conference Record
JG, Student Discipline
JGA, Corporal Punishment
JGA-E, Corporal Punishment Report
JGD, Student Suspension
JGD-E, Student Suspension Notification Letter
JGDA, Emergency Removal of Student
JGE, Student Expulsion
JGEA, Expulsion for One Calendar Year
JGF, Discipline of Handicapped Students
JHC, Student Health Services and Requirements
JHCA, Physical Examinations of Students
JHCB, Immunizations
JHCC, Communicable Diseases
JHCC-R, Pediculosis Procedure
JHCC-E-1, Let's Talk About Lice
JHCC-E-2, Exclusion from School
JHCC-E-3, Readmission to School
JHCD, Administering Medicines to Students
JHCD-R1 (Regulations)
JHCD-R2, Use of Asthma Inhalers
JHCD-R3, Use of Epinephrine Autoinjectors
JHCD-E, Physician's Request for Medication To Be Given at School
JHD, Student Psychological Services
JHEA, Home Visits
JHF, Student Safety
JHFA, Supervision of Students
JHFA-R (Regulations)
JHFB, Student Safety Patrols
JHFD, Student Automobile Use
JHFE, Student Safety and Assault Prevention
JHG, Reporting Child Abuse / Mandatory Training
JHH, Notification About Sex Offenders
JHI, Student Physical Privacy
JK, Employment of Students
JL, Student Gifts and Solicitations
JM, Staff-Student Relations
JN, Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
JN-E, Application for Waiver of Student Instructional Supply Fees
JO, Student Records
JO-R (Regulations)
JOA, Protection of Pupil Rights
JP, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports