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Gifted Program



 “Gifted” means students who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience or environment and who are identified under division (A), (B), (C), or (D) of section 3324.03 of the Ohio Revised Code. 



The Gallipolis City School District accepts referrals, screens and identifies, or screens and reassesses students who perform or show potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and/or visual and/or performing arts. The district must follow policy and procedures established in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15.  These rules specify that assessment instruments must come from the list approved by the Ohio Department of Education.




The Gallipolis City School District ensures equal access to screening and further assessment of all district children, including culturally or linguistically diverse children, children from low socio-economic backgrounds, children with disabilities and children for whom English is a second language.


When the screening assessment has been completed, if the data obtained is from an approved identification instrument and the score meets cut-off scores specified in department of education guidance, the identification decision is made and student’s educational needs are determined.  Identification scores remain in effect for the remainder of the student’s K-12 school experience.


When the screening assessment has been completed, if the data is from an approved screening instrument or from an identification instrument on which the student is within a district-specified range below the identification score, re-assessment for possible identification occurs.


Children may be referred in writing on an ongoing basis, based on the following:

·   Child request (self-referral);

·   Teacher recommendation;

·   Parent/guardian request;

·   Child referral of peer; and

·   Other (e.g., psychologist, community members, principal, gifted coordinator, etc.)


Upon receipt of a referral, the district will:

·   Follow the process as outlined in this brochure; and

·   Notify parents of results of screening or assessment and identification within 30 days.



The Gallipolis City School District ensures equal opportunity for all district students identified as gifted to receive any services offered by the district for which the student meets the criteria. (Include all formal services provided by the district.)

District Name for Service

Service Setting

Grade Level

Guidance and Counseling

Guidance Services


Advanced Track Math

Regular Classroom with Acceleration


AP Classes

Regular Classroom  AP (4 classes)


Honors Classes

Regular Classroom  Honors



Resource Room/Pull Out



For more information regarding gifted services contact:

Jeremy Hout - District Gifted Education Coordinator



Megan Lawhon Gifted Intervention Specialist Teacher