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Title 1 Federal Funds


Title I is a federally funded education program that provides funding to support children with better educational opportunities. Its purpose is to prevent failure by ensuring that more children experience success in school. Sometimes students need assistance to meet the high standards Ohio has set for all children including those who:

  • Have trouble reading
  • Read below their grade level
  • Have trouble understanding what they read
  • Have difficulty with math
  • Title I provides assistance in academic areas with extra help in:
  • Additional teachers and assistants to work with very small groups or one-on-one
  • Additional training for staff
  • A variety of instructional strategies and materials
  • Smaller classes


School-wide programs were first authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1978. School-wide programs offer all students in a building the chance to learn with a far wider array of options. Title 1 school-wide programs is a framework based on high standards supporting comprehensive planning and continuous professional development with flexibility to draw on all resources and clear accountability. Only buildings with a high number of students participating in the free and reduced price lunch program are eligible. The following schools are designated as School-wide Title I buildings:

Green Elementary

Rio Grande Elementary

Washington Elementary


These buildings provide intervention to students that are at-risk in Reading and Math. The staff evaluates student performance on state and district assessments to ensure the needs of all students are met. Gallipolis City Schools has adopted a tiered Response to Intervention (RTI) model. The classroom teachers and Title I teachers work together to provide the needed assistance to students during intervention blocks so that all students can reach high academic standards. Small group intervention is available for students who are significantly below their age expectancy in reading and/or math. Title I staff work with students that meet the criteria for intervention in an intensive instructional approach. All students are exposed to grade level content standards.

Classroom teachers, intervention specialists, and Title I teachers work together to help all children succeed in the regular curriculum. Additional assistance and supplemental materials is given to students having difficulty mastering state academic content standards. Additional staff is available to decrease classroom sizes. Smaller classrooms strengthen core learning programs and offer extended learning opportunities.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is an individualized instruction opportunity for all students. Students are given a diagnostic evaluation to determine their current levels and skills in Reading and Math. Students work at their current independent level in reading to achieve individual growth. The district benchmarks and progress monitors students’ academic performance using STAR Early Literacy, Reading and Math assessment. These assessments are norm-based and provide staff with crucial students achievement data.